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all the things i ship ★ david ‘gordo’ gordon and lizzie mcguire

i think i may like my best friend as more than a friend.

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Requested  by Bassempire and Anon

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Every Pretty Little Liars Episode3x23- I’m Your Puppet

"Oh honey, you didn’t even know me when you knew me."

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Posey shooting Seana with a Nerf gun whilst being naked

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"We know we’re not the first wolf show on tv, but we’re definitely the most fun." 

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Finished the series and now it’s time for the Lizzie McGuire movie! Not like I haven’t seen this more than any other movie, but I am so excited right now.

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getting followed by ur favorite bloggers is like having your crush over at your house on one hand you’re super excited but on the other hand it’s like shit I gotta class this place up

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make me choose:mcadamslove asked:Jerlena or Defan

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Reblog this and I will make a graphic of your URL

TVD and TW only

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[sits on the floor pondering what i did in another life to have allison argent and isaac lahey happen to me]

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